Hi fellow skin enthusiast!


I’m Mardi Goodes, owner of Fuss Advanced Skin, which at the start of 2020 celebrated its 15th year in business.


This year, nation-wide bushfires and a deadly global virus turned all of our worlds upside down, but for me, 2020 has been my best year yet – stay with me.


During lockdown, I took a well-deserved break from my business (as did the entire beauty industry) for 10 weeks, and guess what? I loved every second of it. Sure, the lack of income, worrying about the world, our beloved industry and our fellow therapists took hold, but I also managed to take time off without the pressure of running the clinic 24/7. Fellow business owners, I’m sure you can relate.


I decided to use this unexpected break from running my business, as a gift and reconnect with family; cooking for them most days, walking our dog in the morning with my hubby and a local takeaway coffee, watching the entire backlog of Netflix and Stan I'd been longing to catch up on, drinking far too much wine (read: supporting the local wine economy), and resting. It was the best holiday I’ve had, ever! So, as we come out the other side of a challenging (to say the least) start and middle of the year, I’m so grateful for the forced downtime 2020 brought with it.


Time off gave me an opportunity to look at my business with fresh eyes. We gave the clinic a makeover, re-evaluated our goals, focused on what was important and how we could serve our community, and retrained, so that when we reopened our doors on July 1st, we were ready to start making skin miracles happen again, completely energised and with our sight set on changing skin and changing lives.


We also used this downtime to elevate our digital image and we're delighted to bring you our new-look website, featuring a fun and informative blog, and an opportunity to chat with our cherished clients and lovers of all things skin.


At Fuss, we truly believe that changing skin changes lives. Being part of a client’s skin transformation journey from disfiguring acne, to clear, healthy skin is such a rewarding experience for us. It really is amazing to see the changes within our clients who suffer from this painful and confidence-crushing skin condition. Often when a severe acne client arrives for their first consultation, they don’t look you in the eyes when they speak to you, they may just give a little nod when you ask them questions. The pain in their eyes is there. We feel heartbroken for them. Acne can be disfiguring, painful and embarrassing. It can affect their mental health, sometimes to the point of considering suicide. This is why we are here, to help our clients with proven skin treatments and at-home care, delivered in a compassionate nature. It’s a real privilege to do my job, to be able to heal people. The process is slow, but when our clients see the improvements in their skin, and they see what we can see, they light up from within. This is what my job is all about, it’s exciting to witness the change in our clients’ skin and in their personality. They come alive, they hold a conversation with you and look you in the eye. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. I’m here for them. 


My deep passion for helping people is what started Fuss 15 years ago, but it’s my ever-growing love for skin that has allowed my business to continue to grow. Healthy skin is the heart of my business, my reason for being in business, and what drives us to achieve the life changing results of feeling comfortable in your own skin.


Much love,