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Dry July- Dry body exfoliation & full body massage 90 mins - Only $99.00 valid Tuesday-Friday

Relax and rejuvenate

With a focus on an utterly indulgent experience rather than achieving dramatic results, your Skin Therapist will tuck you into one of our cosy Cloud Beds before beginning your journey to complete relaxation.



Take a moment from your busy day and breath. Relax with a performance facial to deeply nourish your skin from the inside out.

30 min $85



If your skin is feeling a little flat and in need of some TLC, this energised facial delivers therapeutic agents directly into your skin, penetrating the dead surface layers for an effective delivery of active ingredients. Your face will be left feeling hydrated and healthy.

60 min $120



Using transdermal delivery to generate change at a cellular level, this facial will improve the aesthetic appearance of your skin by hydrating, protecting and restoring your skin’s natural balance. Combining 90 minutes of repose and tranquillity with an intense does of vitamins, minerals and skin identical products, your mind and body will become completely relaxed.
This luxury facial includes an indulgent leg, foot, arm and scalp massage.

90 min $180