It’s every bride’s desire to look and feel her best on her wedding day.

Whilst planning and booking your hair, makeup and dress fittings might seem like natural places to start, there’s one aspect of a bride’s appearance that’s also being added to the wedding prep list; glowing skin. 

Nothing exudes health, vitality, youth and love quite like skin that glows from within. Trust us, your makeup artist and photographer will thank you when they see how amazing you look in every light.

Great skin doesn’t happen overnight, which is why we approach skin transformations with brides, much like personal trainers would a fitness overhaul.

Working six months out from your big day, we invite you to our studio where one of our passionate and highly trained Skin Therapists will perform a Comprehensive Skin Consultation to establish your concerns and goals, and how we can work with you to achieve skin greatness. From here we schedule a series of advanced skin treatments and create a prescription of paramedical at-home products to be used in conjunction with any inner health support we feel will take your results from good to brilliant.

Remembering that on your wedding day it’s not just about your face, our treatments can be tailored to improve the skin on your chest, neck, décolletage and backs of your hands. With bridal fashion embracing a variety of styles and silhouettes, we can also treat your back, stomach and legs, so you glow from every angle.

If your wedding day is closer than six months, have no fear, we can still achieve great results in a limited time.

Please BOOK A CONSULTATION at the studio today to enquire about our Bridal Skin services.