The Trinity Facial - Dermablading | Hydrating Peel | LED

The holy trinity of skin treatments – Make the most of the 50 mins you will be with us, with this advanced, triple treatment, guaranteed to have you glowing for days!

Designed for the time poor who want results NOW!  $150 valued at $260

What can you expect from this treatment?

If I had to use one word to describe this treatment, it would be smooth, smooth, smooth!  Your skin will be feeling amazing after this complete power charged facial. Smoother, plumper, more hydrated and glowing with skin health benefits from our signature vitamin, mineral amino acid infusion, combined with the power of the dermablade, Hydrating Peel and LED.

So, lets break it down, what are the benefits of each combo treatment individually?

Dermablading – Is a non invasive and painless (actually quite relaxing) way to remove the vellous hair and top layer of dead cells. This will aid in the penetration of your skin care, help to improve tone and texture, and help to reduce fine lines long term. Before you ask, because I know your were thinking it, no the hair will not grow back darker! Vellous hair is the fluffy peach fuzz on the face and cannot change into the hormonal darker hair. Don’t worry ladies, beard free here, we promise!

Hydrating Peel – Your skilled paramedical therapist will choose the correct peel for your skin on the day of your treatment. This will fill the epidermis with much needed water and help to break down any extra pesky dead cells sitting on the surface of the skin, making the skin extra bouncy and juicy!

Healite LED 830nm – The healite LED will enhance your recovery after any peel or procedure. The LED is a light array that will sit over your skin, a gentle warmth is emitted from the infrared LED’s that relax you, and turn on your skin cells mitochondria (energy centre of the cell) to perform at a higher rate and rhythm. The treatment promotes skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen and elastin, plus encourages lasting hydration in the skin. Enhances the results of other professional skin treatments, improves lymph function and blood supply all while clearing and brightening the skin. Sounds impressive? Absolutely!

How often can you have this treatment performed?

The Trinity Facial can be performed every 4 weeks, this will allow us to stay on top of your hair growth so you have amazing skin all month long.

Combine this complete triple treatment with the advanced paramedical DMK products, and you have skin that will be healthy, glowing, plump and juicy!

All of these incredible treatments individually would be valued at $260, together we are offering them to you for $150